Divvy Magazine was created with an interest to support all things expansive, elevating, and artistic. We are based in L.A. and feature global content. Please click here for more info on working with us or seeing your own content on the site.



Meet the Editor

Divvy Magazine was created by Kate Ferguson, who’s on hand as editor, writer, designer, curator, and sometimes photographer. She has lived in Los Angeles for a long number of years and therefore has experienced a number of wonderful and not so wonderful jobs as she has refined what she considers to be a pretty decent variety of creative talents and business interests.

In addition to running Divvy Mag, Kate is the CMO of L.A. based luxury apparel line Strapped Mfg, the founder of creative development agency Cold Dust Creative, and is possibly spilling too many personal thoughts and photos at any given moment over at thekateferg.com.

She is also a screenwriter, a freelance journalist, and has worked in tech, PR, influencer relations, business development, and has a held a variety of roles in front of and behind the camera. She has aspirations to do most cool things and generally gets up very early in the morning as an attempt to do so.

Kate’s work as a journalist has been called “raw” and her creative writing has been called “weird,” both of which are adjectives she would proudly display on her mantle in the form of a mantle worthy item if someone were to offer her those items and also if she had a mantle. She does however, have a lot of bookcases that sometimes act as mantles and are treated with the reverence that bookcase/mantle blends deserve. See below.