An Adventure with Thai Massage

Previously shared on August 18, 2011

Got a Thai massage yesterday. Not my first time, but it's been a while. Everyone should do it and here's why.

Your neighborhood Thai massage joint is probably in a strip mall of sorts which is always thrilling. Mine included a pizza place, a sushi place and other unmarked establishments with blacked out windows.

You get to wear the weirdest giant pants reminiscent of scrubs but without drawstrings or elastic. Wear nothing on top. At certain points, your masseuse may even tuck the pants into your panties so she can throw you around a little without you being completely exposed. If you're a lady, this does not mean however that she won't see your boobs. She probably will.

It's very intimate and never awkward. I looked into my masseur's eyes and told her I wanted it hard. Her eyes widened and then she leaned toward my ear and told me how tight I am. 

Most of the massage is performed with feet. Maybe not most, I couldn't always tell the difference between her feet and hands but I could hear her grab the pool suspended above us and proceed to work her toes under/inside my trapezius. Much more forceful, painful, and effective. 

There is plenty of time laying there to ponder things such as, when no customers are there do the employees ever massage each other? Is the way that's she's rolling my foot into a ball and jumping on it actually safe? Or wow, I really really love my new profile pic. 

There might be some limited English going on which is always a good time. I appreciate when people smile and nod as I talk, throwing out random yesses and other affirmative noises. Plus, at the end, I was told I'm a strong woman, stronger than any man my lady had massaged because with such force the boys would have been crying and I didn't even scream once.

She didn't know that I was stunned into silence with the chills and a slight sweat, but I took the compliment and said thank you. Thank you very much.

Kate Ferguson