Would You Change Your Habits if You Thought they Were Prayers?

I know the word "habits" can come up in relation to an addiction or something, but that's not what we're talking about today. I mean maybe it is, but not exclusively. We're talking about any habit. (I recognize that link because I once posted that question on an Instagram caption and rehab center commented on it. Relax guys. Bad habits come in many forms.) But back to the question at hand: 

Would you change your habits if you thought they were prayers?

Let's break down what this means. You have some terrible habits. You do. You might hate that you do, or you might just sort of accept them as your flawed nature. But have you ever really considered what exactly those terrible habits are doing for you? Because it's terrible stuff that they're doing for you. If you've never actually thought that deeply about it maybe you're not even consciously aware of that. But if you actually shine some light on that and take a look at it, you're basically just asking for trouble. Or, put more dramatically, by allowing something to be around habitually you're basically asking it to be there. Or praying for it to be. 

Does that make you think "WTF"? I hope so. That's right you guys, by allowing your friend to use you you're basically programming to the universe that you'd like to be used, thank you very much. By refusing to feel anything you're basically asking that you remain blocked. By acting like an asshole you're just directly telling people that you're an asshole. They don't care where you're coming from, they're just trying to stay away because you're acting like an asshole. Do you really want to be used and blocked and be seen as an asshole? I hope not, that would be very disempowered of you. You deserve to be empowered, and it's totally possible. 

I mean the opposite here is true, right? You eat healthy because you want to be healthy. (Or look good, whatever.) You evaluate and honor your boundaries because you want to be respected. You repeat your personal mantra or tell yourself that you're beautiful and "enough" because you want to believe those things. Those are considered healthy habits, and you know what, do them enough and habits really do become a part of your natural life.

If you stop eating processed sugar you will stop craving (or even enjoying) processed sugar. If you start speaking up for yourself people will start listening. If you keep reading you will keep learning. Hell, I accidentally memoized a Hebrew prayer because I recited it so many times. You think I tried to memorize that? Lol. I don't know Hebrew! But I do know that prayer. The point is that things f***ing stick in your brain and in your consciousness and in your life. Whether you like it or not. 

So yeah. If you are allowing something to be around, you're allowing it to be around. Plain and simple. You have a hell of a lot of choices in life, my friend. Make sure your habits are actually prayers that you would like to be sending out into the world. Because they are anyway.