The Rose Quartz Roller Ball We Never Knew We Were Missing

I don't know about you but I feel like Miranda Kerr has to be at least partly trustworthy when it comes to beauty advice. Sure, supermodels are born with supermodel genes. But they also probably know a few masterful tips and tricks to looking and feeling good. The newest product release from Miranda Kerr's line Kora Organics is a bit intriguing if you ask me.

The Noni Radiant Eye Oil has a rose quartz application roller ball that supposedly helps depuff while "passing along the vibration of LOVE." I regularly need both of those things, and love being capitalized like that seems pretty serious. As far as what's actually in the product itself, that would include organic noni, tomato fruit, marine bamboo extracts, kahai oil, and coffee oils. 

Here a quick breakdown on those ingredients. 

  • Noni is a powerful antioxidant that might improve the texture of the skin.

  • Marine bamboo firms and tones the skin.

  • Coffee extract depuffs and increases circulation.

  • Tomato extract can cut down on redness (oddly) by brightening the skin.

  • Kahai oil is a natural retinol.

  • Rose quartz is thought to encourage love and acceptance.

I mean, none of this can hurt. And love vibes or not I feel like a rose quartz applicator ball sounds way cooler and more soothing than a plastic one. 

rose quartz roller ball