The Grand Canyon Polaroid Camera You Never Knew You Needed

Grand Canyon polaroid camera Retrospekt and Parks Project

By Retrospekt and Parks Project

I mean, wow. Not only does this Polaroid camera look really cool, but it’s vintage and some of its proceeds go to a good cause.

The camera was created for a partnership between Retrospekt and Parks Project in celebration of the Grand Canyon National Park’s 100 year anniversary. The Polaroid is made from refurbished parts from vintage Polaroid 600 cameras, so the run is a limited one with only 100 of them in existence.

Anyone who’s lucky enough to snag one of the Retrospekt works will all be supporting the Grand Canyon Conservancy, which is the official nonprofit partner of Grand Canyon National Park. The cameras retail for $160 with 5 percent of sales going to charity.

LMK if you get your hands on one of those bad boys.

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