The Job Board

Welcome to the job board! Or perhaps it should be called the “opportunity” board. We believe that connecting, collaborating, and sharing makes the world go round. In this case, that means passing along info about awesome jobs and interesting opportunities that might not be right for us…but could be ideal for you. We have not been in contact with all of these people so please use your super smart discretion when sharing info w people on the internet. (Or in person!) We welcome your own contributions to the list and drop us a line if something cool happens with any of these connects. We can’t promise 15 minutes of fame but we can shout you out in the newsletter ;)


  • L.A. based Great Slippers Music is looking for songwriters and producers to submit songs and split licensing fees

  • Itty Bitty Writing Space is accepting submissions of flash fiction for an anthology project

  • Cold Dust Creative (that’s our sister co!!!!) is looking for PR’s, digital marketers, social media wiz kids, and other kick ass creative and business savvy people to build out a team and dominate 2019.