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Divvy reaches thousands of people around the world that are interested in art, music, living well, and beyond.

We love up and comers, ground breakers, and people who are authentically following their true passions and coming up with unique ideas in the process, whether they’re developing an app or writing a book. Our readers are thoughtful observers and often creators themselves.

If you’re promoting an event, new music, or a unique business service, we can help connect you with a ready audience. We offer:

  • Advertising/Promotions

  • Press

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  • Clothing consignment on the Divvy Shop

  • Photo and Video Production

  • Brand Consulting, Social Media Marketing, and Creative Development

Submissions are open for the following (previously unpublished) types of work:

  • personal essays

  • open letters

  • fashion editorials

  • photo journals

  • features

  • interviews

  • other creative stuff

  • etc

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